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   Native Orchid Centre

This centre is known and recognized worldwide as the major for its indigenous Borneo Orchid’s collections and is reputedly to be the largest in this region. It has some 400 species of the 1,500 orchid species identified in the Island of Borneo including some rare and endangered species such as the Elephant Ear Orchid ( Phalaenopsis gigantea), Rat Tail Orchid ( Paraphalaenopsis labukensis, P. denevei ), Slipper Orchid ( Paphiopedilum sanderiaum, P. lowii & P. stonei ), Giant Orchid (Gramatophyllum speciosum) and the Rose Orchid (Dimorphorchis rossii) are among the pride of the Native Orchid Garden.

Why Orchids? What is Orchid all about & what makes them so special? There must be a lot of questions than answer, but once you inter into this 2 acres garden all of your question will be answered. Most orchids are highly

evolved plants and the majority of them are epiphytic on trees while some are terrestrial. They have green leaves for photosynthesis and roots that captured nutrients from the leaf litter caught on tree trunk and branches, or in the case of Bulbophyllum beccarii, in cup-shaped leaves of the plant itself, roots than grow and ramify the leaf litter collected there, to extract nutrients. This is only a tip’s of information about the orchid, come and find out yourself for more information in this Centre.

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