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   Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking is best for those who like challenges, this special privilege are given to visitors who stay overnight either in the Hostel or Camping. Visitors are required to bring along their own gear and suitable cloth/attire including insect repellent. The Jungle Trekking is located in the Recreation Forest of the Agro-Forestry area, 3 km away from the Park Headquarters. Get to know how the trees grow in the jungle and the living under canopy while enjoying the nature trail. Ones may see Squirrels, Birds, some special insect and sometimes small reptile like Snake and Monitor Lizard. If you are lucky enough, you may see the mouse deer or hear the sound of a barking deer. Most part of the trail is concrete or hardwood steps especially the steep area and some gravel path at certain places. It is advisable that the jungle trekking activity is to be done in the morning or late afternoon otherwise, noon time will be very hot.

There are 3 choices of trails for you to choose which is every trail has their own attraction and challenge. The first trail is call Kembara Trail with a distance of 2.4 Km. As you see in the trail map, the Kembara trail is blue in colour. You may experience a steep slope as you try to reach the Eagle Nest Pondok/Shelter. Visitors can see many types/species of timber trees, bamboos as well as

wild fruit trees. This trail ends up at the starting point, be alert and follow the instruction given by the guides or otherwise you may follow other route which will make you to lost your way. The second trail which is only 400 m longer than the first one is call Tropical Trail (Brown Colour trail). It is a knowledge oriented trail where you may treasure the collection of Palms, Borneo Ginger (the best Ginger collection in Malaysia), useful Bamboos
(local & exotic) in the Agro-forestry plots and gardens. You won’t feel that you had gone through quite a long distance as you are

walking under the shade of the dipterocarps trees and most part of the trail trails is in concrete/hardwood steps or a gravel path. Take a few minutes break in the Rest House (Built sometimes in 70’s) and enjoy the serenity of it’s garden and surrounding. Soft and cold drinks is normally available for sell at the Rest House, please ask the housekeeper in charge to serve you. The next journey from the Rest House to the end point will be a bit tough and challenging. There are gullies to cross over, a steep and slippery slopes to climb but the most exciting part is that once you reach the top of a Cliff, you will see a better and beautiful view looking over the tops of some 50 m tall of trees and the whole Park area. While journeying through this challenging trail, try not to be missed to see the medicinal trees e.g. ‘Tongkat Ali’ (Grewia umbellata) grow naturally in the forest, The ‘Tongkat Ali’ is reputed to have aphrodisiac properties.

The third and longest trail is call Trail of Challenge (‘Laluan Cabaran’), which is 4.3 Km in length and considered as the toughest trail in the Park (Purple colour trail). This trail was the combination of the two trails, Kembara and Tropical. Visitors may need at least 3-4 hours to complete this trail.

Other Recreational Activities

Other recreational activities such as Fishing, Boating, Cycling and Sport activities also can be done at the Park. For Sport activities, visitors can have their on games or have a friendly match with the Park staff. For Night activity, The Park can provide a Karaoke set or organize a cultural performance (at cost) base on request by the visitors.

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