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   Bee Centre
The Bee Centre is located at about 2.5 km from the Park HQ area, set in a 4 ha. (10 acres) site, arranged with Beehives around an English style Herbaceous Border Garden utilizing Tropical plants
The Centre is recognized as being one of the best Bee Research Centre internationally and has attracted researches from Europe. It has four species out of the nine bee species recorded in the world. Sabah alone has five species. You may have the chance to
get close as a foot to a live hive of honey bees without fear of being stung. You may even get a chance to see how honey is being extracted from the honeycomb. You also get to see what a modern beehive looks like compared to a native beehive called a ‘gelodog’. You need to make an arrangement with the Park’s Management prior to your visit.

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