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Taman Pertanian Sabah is part of the 1,500 acres of the Agriculture Research Station, Lagud Sebrang Tenom which is administered and owned by the Agriculture Department Sabah. It is a complex consisting of the Agriculture Research Station, seed Production Centre for Cash Crop, Farmers Training Centre and Taman Pertanian Sabah itself. The Park sprawled over an area of 500 acres.

The park was first opened to visitors in October 2000, and was officially launched by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on the 25 March, 2001.

With its rich biodiversity, the Park has a magnificent collection for indigenous and introduced plants species. It is also a conservation centre for the native Orchids of Borneo. This park would become a heritage for the next generation and this will help to educate people in nature conservation and the preservation of natural rainforest through cultivation of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.

The lush greenery, multitude species of plants / flowers of endemic to Borneo Island and very rare, panoramic view of the lakes, captivating landscaped gardens provide an excellent base to expand your knowledge and ideal environment for those who seek peace, quiet and tranquility away from stressed and urban noise. This park also provides a great trekking ground as well as nature walks and jungle activities. The park is blessed with mother nature’s treasures.

The park is a showcase of integrated activities carried out by all the Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food Industry. It also serves as a training and education centre for agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, seed production, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry. It is divided into four key area:

Living Crop Museum
Demonstration Farms
Agro forestry
Bee Centre
Germplasm Collection
Native Orchid Centre
Hybrid Orchid
Evolution Garden
Model Garden
Ornamental Garden

Animal Husbandry
Animal Park
Animal Farm

Freshwater Fishing

Objectives of Taman Pertanian Sabah

  1. As a major Agro-Tourism centre in the state
  2. To provide demonstration farms for Agricultural activities, Animal breeding and
  3. To serve as a centre for training and demonstration on Agriculture, Horticulture,
    Fishery, Apiculture, Seed Technology, Forestry and Animal Husbandry;
  4. To provide facilities for nature-based recreational activities
  5. To promote awareness and love for nature.
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