Laporan Masalah

Sebagai komitmen untuk meningkatkan kualiti perkhidmatan Sabah.Net, kami amat menghargai maklumbalas anda dalam melaporkan semua jenis masalah yang wujud dalam perkhidmatan Sabah.Net dengan mengisi borang di bawah. Bahagian Khidmat Sokongan Pelanggan Sabah.Net akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang dilaporkan.

Maklumat Masalah
Dial upHaving Problem with the dial up services.
e.g. repeatedly cannot dial up.
MailExperiencing problems with the mail hostings with Sabah.Net.
e.g. cannot check , send or receive emails.
WebExperiencing problems with the web hostings with Sabah.Net.
e.g. cannot view the web site, having problem with files transferring.
LAN/WAN NetworkThere is difficulty in browsing the LAN/WAN network.
e.g. Certain web sites become extremely hard to browse, or cannot browse at all.
Denial of Service AttackThe hacker launches an online attack to disable your Internet services such as web site, e-mail, etc. by congesting your server or network.
DestructionAttempts made to destroy the computer system, data / information and / or physical assets, basically efforts made to cripple the operations of a network.
e.g. format your server, delete all the database records
Email FraudulentSomeone e-mails you with a faked identify, with the intention of making you to do something which brings potential lose (of asset or information) to yourself or others.
e.g. disclose ATM password, Nigerian mail
IntrusionUnauthorized break into your computer or network.
e.g. log into your computer without permission
SpammingSomeone was sending you unsolicited e-mail without getting your permission first.
e.g. Mortgage application, porn site subscription
Virus / WormVirus infection coming from e-mail or your network.
e.g. E-mail with suspicious attachment
Website DefacementAltering website without proper authorization.
e.g. hijack of website, unauthorized post on your web site
Maklumat Pengguna