Statement of Intent

1.0 Statement of Intent

1.1 Vision

The vision of Sabah.Net is to be the key medium that connects the government, the businesses, the people, the community and the world together in an effort to create an information-rich society and knowledge-driven economy.

1.2 Mission

The mission of Sabah.Net, then, is to ensure accessibility from anywhere, by anyhow and at anytime by the government, the businesses, the people and the community in Sabah.

1.3 Objectives

In order to fulfil the mission and realise the stated vision, the objectives of Sabah.Net are:

  1. to create a State-wide communication network
  2. to provide data communication services
  3. to facilitate the implementation of the Electronic Government Systems
  4. to provide an avenue for the creation of electronic communities
  5. to  facilitate the creation of electronic commerce

1.4 Functions

 In essence, Sabah.Net functions as:

  1. the backbone infrastructure for the State Electronic Government Systems
  2. the gateway to access State Government services electronically
  3. the backbone infrastructure for other systems including electronic commerce, education, community and any other similar systems
  4. the backbone infrastructure for communication
  5. the gateway to the Internet


1.5 Definition

  • Definition



Sabah.Net is defined as the wide area network that connects the government, the businesses, the people, the community and the world together. It is a digital network that provides avenues for the exchange of information and the provision of services.

Electronic Government Systems

Electronic Government Systems is defined as the communication, sharing and exchange of information, administrative procedures, regulations and management processes in digital forms. This also includes information and services provided electronically to the people by the governments.

Education Net

Education Net or Edu.Net is defined as the conglomeration of educational institutions providing the avenues for the sharing of information and knowledge between and among the educators, students, teachers, parents and the community at large.

Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce is defined as the conduct of business trades and transactions via Sabah.Net.

Electronic Community

Electronic Community also known as digital communities encompasses the creation of virtual communities of like interests for the purpose of exchanging information and knowledge and providing services to the target communities.

Public Subscription

Public Subscription is defined as an individual, organisation or company other than government agencies or educational institutions that subscribe to Sabah.Net services. Such subscription shall include at least one e-mail account and disk space for the hosting of web pages.

Leased Line Access

Leased Line Access means a permanent, direct connection to Sabah.Net.

Dial-up Access

Dial-up Access means connecting to Sabah.Net via the telephone line on an on-demand basis.


1.6 Roles and Responsibility


Ministry of Resource Development and IT

The System Administrator responsible for:

  1. Policy formulation and administration
  2. Overall monitoring
  3. Network administration

Sabah Net Sdn. Bhd
(Formerly KKIPC Sdn Bhd)

The System Operator responsible for designing, building, managing and operating Sabah.Net for a period of twenty (20) years effective from 23 September 1997. Other responsibilities include:

  1. Sabah.Net backbone infrastructure and access
  2. Sabah.Net maintenance and management
  3. State Government Internet and Intranet web
  4. Electronic mailing system
  5. Electronic Government applications as stated in the Electronic Government Systems Agreement
  6. Sabah.Net data centre

State Computer Services Department

The State Government Computer Systems Manager responsible for:

  1. Office LANs
  2. Office automation
  3. Office hardware and software
  4. State Government ICT security policy
  5. Systems and applications development
  6. State-wide data standards, sharing, transmission, administration and management


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