Sabah.Net Operations

2.0 Sabah.Net Operations


2.1 Operational Framework

The operational framework of Sabah.Net is described in the following diagram:

Sabah.Net Network Topology


2.2 Network Connection

  1. Sabah.Net shall maintain a list of sites [link to list of sites] connected as a wide area network (WAN) via Metro-Ethernet, digital leased-line, very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) service asymmetric-direct-subscriber-line (ADSL) and wireless bridge.
  2. All connectivity shall have a minimum bandwidth speed of 1Mbps except for VSAT which is 128kbps.

2.3 Internet Gateway

Sabah.Net WAN shall be connected to the Internet via two gateways at two different locations for service continuity reason.

2.4 Security

The operator of Sabah.Net shall be responsible for the operational security of Sabah.Net WAN and complemented by functions of the Sabah Government Computer Emergency Response Team (SGCERT) and site LANs by the State Computer Services Department.

2.5 IP Addressing

  1. The Sabah.Net WAN shall maintain an IPv4 network addressing scheme administered by the Operator. 
  2. Preparations for the eventual migration from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing scheme shall be put in place in by the State IPv6 Implementation Committee in line with the national direction on IPv6.
  3. The Sabah.Net Operator shall also ensure that the all WAN equipments are IPv6 compliant.

2.6 Technology Standards

Technology Standards


In order to address the needs of future client/server and intranet technologies, Sabah.Net and all attached services (e.g., local area networks, video conferencing, etc.) will use the TCP/IP protocol.

Ethernet Topology

Ethernet is the media of choice for local area connectivity for all new sites. Current sites where there are other topologies will convert to Ethernet when feasible.

Internet/ Intranet Technology

With the advent of web browsers and their continuing evolution, they are able to support graphics, audio and video, in addition to data and text, and are fairly easy to use for the dissemination and publishing of information.


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