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STC Results Hotline

The STC Results Hotline ( also known as the Lottery Results Announcement System ), is a PC-based interactive voice response system.  It uses natural human voice prompts to guide callers in obtaining the draw results through a touch tone telephone.

To access the system, dial : -

Kota Kinabalu: 088-266060, Keningau: 087-336060, Sandakan: 089-226060, Tawau: 089-766060

Note: Call charges will be based on the rates set by your telephone service provider.  If you are calling from outside of Malaysia or Singapore, the country code to include is 60, e.g., +6088-266060

Using The System

Event / Your Selection Voice Message / Instructions Your Response
When the system answers your call, you will be greeted. Thank you for calling Sandakan Turf Club 4-D Results Announcement. Press any key to skip the greeting.
Language selection. For instructions in English, press one; Untuk arahan dalam Bahasa Malaysia, tekan dua; . . . Press 1 for English, 2 for Bahasa Malaysia or 3 for Mandarin.  In this guide, we use English.
Option selection. If you wish to check your numbers, press the hash key at any time.  To check previous draw results, press the star key, or hold-on for the 4-D current results announcement. Press hash (#) to check if your 4-D number wins any prize; or press star (*) to select results from previous draws; or wait a few seconds to listen to the current draw results.
If you pressed the hash (#) key. Please enter your four digits number followed by the hash key. Key in your 4-D number + #.  E.g. 1234#
The system will tell you if your number wins any prize.
If you pressed the star (*) key. Please enter the draw number followed by the hash key. Key in the draw number + #.  E.g.: 12#
The system will read the results if your selection is valid. If you wish to check your 4-D numbers for the draw number you selected, press # and follow the voice prompt.