Malaysian Scout Uniform badges to trade
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The following are some of my Malaysian Scout badges that I can get you from the Scoutshop (Click on images to enlarge):

  • The Malaysian Tenderfoot Badge (Installation/Membership Badge)
  • Worn on the left pocket of the uniform
  • Worn by all Scout regardless of age and ranks
  • The Malaysian National Flag Badge
  • Worn on the right pocket of the uniform
  • State, District Strips and Group numbers badges
  • Worn on the right shoulder of the uniform
  • About 20 district strip badges from the State of Sabah are available
  • A sample of Scoutmasters Shoulder badge
  • Worn on the left shoulder of the Scouter's uniform
  • Other positions are also available for eg. Assistant District Commissioner, District Commisioners, Divisional Commissioners, Assistant State Commisioners, State Commissioners, Headquaters Commissioners etc.
  • Malaysian Sea Scout emblem badge
  • Worn on the left shoulder for all Malaysian Sea Scout
  • Sample of Scout position badges - Assistant Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders and Troop Leaders
  • Available in three colours - Yellow (Cub Scouts), Green (Scouts) and Maroon (Senior Scouts)
  • Cub Scout progressive/rank badges - Keris Gangsa (Bronze Keris), Keris Perak (Silver Kris) and Keris Emas (Gold Keris)
  • The "Keris" is the traditional Malaysian dagger.
  • Scout progressive/rank badges - Usaha (2nd Class), Maju (1st Class), Jaya (Bushmen Thong/Star Scout?)
  • Senior Scout Five Badges
  • Badges before the King Scout Award
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If you are interested in any of the badges or would like to ask for more, please Email me!

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