Malaysian Scout Badge Trader-
(Last updated 7 December 2003)

Greetings fellow Scouts and Scouters!

Scouting has been part of my life ever since I joined the movement back in 1984. Collecting Scouting items especially badges has made it even more addictive for me and even more when I started internet trading in 1998. I found it far more effective then attending Camps and Jamboree etc. as we tend to meet people with the same interest, needs and wants.

I collect mainly Scout badges, or "patches" what the Americans normally called it, but recently I get more interested in collecting Scout uniforms together with the right badges, scarf and woggle. Please see my specific needs. Other than badges, you might want to ask me for other Scouting items such as scarfs/neckerchiefs, uniforms, books, stamps, phonecards, buckles etc. Oh yes, The Malaysian Scout Emblem badge on the upper left hand corner is also for trade (Subject to availability). Just email me and let me know what you want.

Yours in World Scouting Brotherhood,

Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia Sabah Branch
Fellowship Member of the Yahoo Scout Collectors Society


Malaysian Scout Badges

Badges around the world 


(Featured badge in the Yahoo's Scouting Collectors Room for Asia)

Includes latest badges that I have for trade. Hurry! They probably won't be long in my Scoutbox!


General Needs
  • Membership/Tenderfoot/Promise badges from around the world
  • Any flag or national strip badges
  • Any "Jamboree" badges
  • Any CSPs from the USA
Specific Needs

HALL OF GREAT TRADERS! During the course of trading, I have met some great and really great traders. Find out who they are ....and the bad ones too


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