Download Now! The Unfinished - Demo

Description: This game only for demo to show what Construct 2 can do.
Full version will available soon, Yes, it's Free to play.
- See you in next update :)
* This game was made with Construct 2 powered by Ludei.
Download Now! BikeRun - Demo

In this demo game, you need to walk and riding the bike to reach the
checkpoint. This is only demo game and still have bug/problem.

Your bike has a problem where your bike is not quite stable and you have to
bring your bike to the finish line. You have to face some obstacles so that you
can pass to the next trip.

This game based on the game riding a bike, walking, physics, puzzles, and interact
with some objects also this game are still in the demo, so there are some problems
that have not been fully corrected and this game will be available for the full version
soon after the update is done.

This game based on physics, riding bike, platform games plus puzzle.
Download Now! Panda 2014 The

You need to help this sleepy panda to find the red candy in his journey to continue to the next adventure.
In this lite version, you will play in 5 stage. Panda like green candy, but be careful with purple and pink candy.

The purple candy will decrease panda energy, the pink candy will make panda moving slow even panda
energy was increase a bit. There's no enemy in any stage, the only obstacle is panda energy will running out
if panda not take the green candy. Have a nice journey and help panda to find the red candy.
Remember, do not let panda sleeping. You'll need to play from beginning.

- Walking, Running, Landing (sound added)
- Smooth control
- Background music
- 5 stages ( lite version )
- No score just play to finish the games.
- no auto Save ( touch the sleeping panda in menu screen to load your save games )

Title: Panda 2014 - " Candy Rush " lite.
game engine: Construct 2 (HTML5 games)
Powered by Ludei
Download Now! Debug Testing Only

This game made with Construct 2 and powered by Ludei.

- You can play " How To Play " and " Level 1 " ( 2 level playable )
- If you see " RETRY / QUIT " and if you choose " NO " it will close the game.
- Use this game for testing only
- After deleting some script / images this game maybe have some bug / error.