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Lohan Rest House offer 23 fully furnished rooms, each with a choice between twin/single beds, (air-conditioned/fan) and different sized to your need.

A meeting room fully furnished and air-conditioned, suitable for meeting or forums.

Another multi-purpose room is also available, equipped with a television and karaoke machine, suitable for a casual gathering or other activites as well. An open space is also readily available for holding dinners or public forums.


Also included within the Rest House is the local diner with choice of local foods, and is open daily. Ample parking space is also available for our driving patrons.

    We hope to see you soon!
  Alamat : Blok 3, Km 11, Jalan Ranau - Poring Hotspring,
      Peti surat 532, 89308 Ranau, Sabah.
  Telephone : 088 879533
    019 5444357 (Joe)
    019 5336238 (Azizah)
    019 8104751 (Yati)
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