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Discover the hidden treasures of Sabah's interior, the rural district of TAMBUNAN


Welcome to one of Sabah's most enchanting valley.


Located only 1 hour drive from Kota Kinabalu, Tambunan is a peaceful Kadazandusun district that will surprise you with its natural and local wonders.


From the world's biggest flower to the invigorating waterfall, gregarious hospitality of the locals to the simple yet nutritious traditional dishes, massive rainforest trees to exotic wildlife not commonly found elsewhere, Tambunan promises to charm, educate and ensure a memorable Borneo holiday.


So whatever is your interest (ethnic life or wildlife) and need (relax or adventure), let the local native guides of Mahua Nature Holidays Sdn. Bhd. takes care of your Tambunan holiday with our flexible and affordable packages.


Kadazandusun girls in traditional costumes

Tambunan paddy field

Mat Salleh War Memorial

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Mahua WaterfallMahua Waterfall is a pristine natural fall that nestled deep in the tropical forest of the Crocker Mountain Range. This spectacular waterfall is approximately 17 metres tall and has a pool depth of 1.3 metres.


One of the most accessible beautiful fall in Sabah, the drive up to Mahua takes an approximate 1 hr drive from Kota Kinabalu. Visitors will will pass through scenic uphill drive through small villages and forests on the Crocker Range.


A trek to find blooming Rafflesia may also be made upon prior arrangment en route to Tambunan (subject to season).


The drive will end at the Mahua Sub-Centre which is the park entrance. From here on, it takes an easy 15 mins walk along the river to reach the waterfall.


A highlight in itself, this walk will delight any nature enthusiast with the sight of endless towering Seraya trees with huge trunks, giant bamboo trees and birds-nest ferns while endlessly entertained by the chorus of insects and forests birds.


Trail to Mahua Waterfall

Trail to Mahua Waterfall

Rafflesia flower in bloom

Rafflesia flower in bloom

Mahua Fall Visitor Centre

Mahua Fall Visitor Centre

MAHUA TOUR includes:

 ▪ Transport (ex Kota Kinabalu)

 ▪ Meals

 ▪ Guide


May include (ask us):

 ▪ Rafflesia Conservation Centre

 ▪ Tambunan War Memorial

 ▪ Tambunan Town

 ▪ Patau Homestay

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Mt. Kinabalu from Panoramic Hike

Mt. Kinabalu from Panoramic Hike

Patau paddy field

Patau paddy field

Patau women in Kadazan costumes

Patau women in Kadazan costumes

Patau MapPATAU village is situated in a scenic valley surrounded by forested hills and mountains. At an elevation of around 2,000 meters above sea levels, day time temperature is around 22-28oC while night time can dip to a chilly 16-18oC.


With a small community of only a few hundred residents, Patau village provides a peaceful retreat. It is truly an ideal place to relax and enjoy a slow pace of life. Visitors will be hosted by families who will provide simple accommodation, local cuisines and cultural performances (for group bookings of 15 pax and more).


Together with the friendly locals, join some of the activities that make up daily life in Patau from tapai brewing (a potent rice wine), bamboo mats weaving, gong playing (musical instrument used to convey celebratory, funerary and warning messages) or party with us during festival seasons (May - Harvest Festival and December - Year End).


However, if you prefer the outdoors, then explore the wonderful nature and extraordinary biodiversity found around Patau and Crocker Range. You can swim at Mahua Waterfall, join the Panoramic Hike, explore the jungle and hunt for wild games. Or for a milder outdoor actions, get involve in agricultural activities such as planting and harvesting rice (season based) or you can while your time away fishing.


Along the way, pick up the local lingo and learn the sing-song language of the Kadazandusuns.


Whatever you chose to do, a homestay with us will be a unique and memorable experience.


**Cultural performances - for group booking of more than 15 pax and more.

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PATAU HOMESTAY attractions:


 ▪ Cool temperature all year long

 ▪ Nearest to Mahua Waterfall

 ▪ Tapai brewing

 ▪ Bamboo mat weaving

 ▪ Learn Kadazandusun language

 ▪ Hiking & Jungle Trekking

 ▪ Making wild animal traps

 ▪ Planting or harvesting rice

 ▪ World biggest flower

 ▪ Local cuisines

 ▪ Cultural performances*



You are not simply a visitor

You are our guest


E-Mail For Info


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019 820 3198

(Tour Director)

Seraya tree in MahuaMahua Nature Holidays Sdn. Bhd. is a specialty travel company that concentrates on arranging trips to Mahua Waterfall and other attractions in Tambunan (a district in Interior Sabah, Malaysian Borneo). We also coordinates HOMESTAY packages with host families around Patau village.


We can custom make your trip itinerary that will suit your interest, budget, group size and duration of stay.


The majority of our crew are local Patau residents so you are assured of genuine native hospitality.


To us, you are not simply a visitor. You are our guest.


General Terms & Condition

  • This site contains only general information. Clients are requested to contact us for more details.

  • We request a minimum of 2 persons per trip (excluding Patau Homestay Package)

  • At present, we do not arrange for tours or accommodation to areas/attractions outside of Tambunan.

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