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   Evolution Garden
This garden is a shop case of the different states of plant evolvement, which occurred 4.5 billion years ago. Learn how life on earth began. From a lifeless era of volcanic activities, earthquake and electrical storms in the beginning of earth’s history, you will with through exhibits, taking you through from the earliest life forms’ the Stromatolits, Algae, Mosses, Fern, Cycads, Conifers and to the modern-day plants. There is also a model of Dinosaur, ‘feeding’ on plants that had evolved some
60-120 million years ago. In this garden, there are also sections showing how plants have adapted to living in different environments, such as salt tolerant plants on seashores, in wetlands, growing along fast
flowing streams, on ponds and on limestone. See the Giant Water lily (Victoria amazonica) with it’s broad leaf, which can carry an object up to 30 kg of weight and the Giant Aristolochia (Aristolochia grandiflora) with it giant flower.   

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